SMC Accounting

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To maintain SMC Accounting in primary school..

  1. Daybook, 2.Leadger, 3.Balance sheet (Appendix 10), 4.Bills registered, 5.Grant register, 6.Check register, 7.Balance register, 8.Bills certification, 9.Daybook page titles, 10.Stock registers are required to be printed, which can easily be printed using Shivani-school SMC daybook software.

With SMC Accounting..

-Add/Remove/View voucher through a special voucher calendar
-import account/voucher from excel from SMC Daybook
-export account/voucher from excel from SMC Daybook
-To paste the bill, print the certificate to paste the bills so that the certificate does not need to be written.

Made for..

SMC Accounting is made for the primary school, a school management committee, school management committee – education, head teacher, CRC-BRC.
The SMC Daybook has been created by teachers (Shivani-school) for teachers. With which you can quickly make the above mentioned printing related to the SMC Accounting.


Download :

SMC Accounting